It’s “trick or treat” time. This week I challenged myself to locate and post a few of my “creepy” pictures. I do like images that are mysterious and pictures that ask questions. Such photographs are interesting for you can walk into them; look around; and make inquiries. Sometimes you find a few answers but evenContinue reading “Halloween”

Photo Trip

In mid-July 2021, my friend and fellow photographer, John Blackie and I decided that it was time for a short photo trip. Because of COVID restrictions, it has been a long time since we had made such an excursion. I have always been a fan of such trips whether they are an extra hour spentContinue reading “Photo Trip”

PDQ Camera and Prints

This is one of my favorite pictures of Daddy. It shows him in his WWII uniform posing with a Florida longhorn for a PDQ photographer. It was probably taken in 1943 while Daddy was stationed in South Florida before he left for France. Unfortunately when I discovered the picture both parents were deceased so IContinue reading “PDQ Camera and Prints”

Drag Shutter

A friend who looked at the Cibachrome exhibit asked me if I had any of my old “drag shutter” shots available to post. I thanked him for the suggestion for I knew that it would be fun to locate and scan some of these slides . “Drag Shutter” refers to the use of both flashContinue reading “Drag Shutter”


— It could have been the directness: positive in the enlarger and positive out of the drum.— it could have been the stability: polyester sheet incorporated with azo dyes that would last for decades with no color shifts and no fading.— it could have been the colors: each so distinct, true and so brilliant.— itContinue reading “Cibachrome”

Virtual Trip

Most years I would have spent this weekend on the road: a cross country trip to visit family for the holidays. To help control COVID I am staying home but I have assembled a virtual trip to enjoy and share with you.

Holiday Trips

Two years ago I made holiday trips to visit family in Minneapolis and San Antonio . While visiting and along the way I documented Christmas promotions and decorations. In 2019 I selected a small group for an exhibition. I didn’t realize at the time that my somber mood in editing and processing would somehow foreseeContinue reading “Holiday Trips”

Welcome to my blog

Greetings, Welcome to my blog. It will be primarily visual, consisting of pictures that I have just completed or recently rediscovered.  I will also share some found photographs and may discuss techniques, equipment or processes that I find interesting. You are welcome to subscribe or just       check in when you are in the neighborhood. Thanks,Continue reading “Welcome to my blog”

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