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Warren’s latest project is MoonPies. This is a photographic exhibition of 51 of his favorite images from over two decades of photographing Mardi - Gras in the streets of Mobile and Prichard, AL. Mobile’s carnival is the oldest in America and is a unique Southern tradition. The Pensacola Museum of Art is currently hosting this exhibition (Jan.13, 2017 – March 18, 2017) and it is available for travel thereafter. Clicking on the red READ NOW button in the following link will allow you to preview the exhibition catalog that accompanies this show. http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1201870 . Pensacola magazine for Jan. 2017 contains an article about the MoonPies exhibition: https://issuu.com/ballingerpublishing/docs/pm_bc_jan_2017_web/36


Warren discovered photography by accident during his senior year in college. While working in a lab with a darkroom, a professor took interest in his curiosity and showed him how to make prints; Warren has been enjoying photography ever since that day. After a few years he decided to teach photography and attended Rochester Institute of Technology for some introductory classes. Warren then returned to Florida State University to complete a MFA degree. He prefers street photography and documenting the landscape and people that surround him. Warren is always ready for a “road trip” and his favorite advice is “shoot more”. He taught in and developed the photography program at Pensacola State College. In 2008 Warren retired from teaching but he remains active in shooting, exhibiting and bookmaking. He was recently honored to have his work chosen for Oxford American’s blog “Eyes On The South” by Jeff Rich (http://www.oxfordamerican.org/item/380-warren-thompson-roadsides) which was reblogged by NPR radio pictures on Tumblr.


Clicking “Enter Gallery” above will take you to a catalogue of some of his past and current photo projects. Clicking the “blurb” link below will allow you to preview each page of the three books. A fourth book on flea markets is currently in production. All of his work is available for exhibition and publication. Please contact Warren HERE.


Visit Blurb.com to preview and enjoy each of Warren’s self-published works.