Photo Trip

In mid-July 2021, my friend and fellow photographer, John Blackie and I decided that it was time for a short photo trip. Because of COVID restrictions, it has been a long time since we had made such an excursion. I have always been a fan of such trips whether they are an extra hour spent on a new route home from the office, a day trip with friends or an extended vacation with family. Sometimes I compare my anticipations to those of a naturalist making a trip to the Galapagos Islands – vast possibilities. My commonplace book consists of film or memory cards and the subsequent processing provides visual portfolios. John and I ended up exploring Mobile and Prichard. Six of the images that I took then I am sharing with you now.

This Alabama photo trip got me interested in sharing some of my other travel observations. In 2017 my wife Patti and I made a vacation trip that I never processed. I worked on these images this month and am starting a new portfolio titled Commonplace Visual.

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