Drag Shutter

A friend who looked at the Cibachrome exhibit asked me if I had any of my old “drag shutter” shots available to post. I thanked him for the suggestion for I knew that it would be fun to locate and scan some of these slides . “Drag Shutter” refers to the use of both flash and slow shutter speeds when making an exposure. This technique produces a combination image: partly sharp from the bright and and rapid flash exposure and partially blurred from the motion of the camera and or subject. Backgrounds that are normally rendered dark and void of detail when using flash traditionally are partially revealed by the ambient light during the slow exposure time. Using this technique in street photography with its many variables may prove to be unpredictable. However, don’t let initial mistakes discourage you for if you persist you will get some images that are unique and highly satisfying.

The portfolio “BEADS” contains images made during the last couple of years of Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL. Many of the shots in this group I made with a similar approach of combining flash and slow shutter speeds when I was photographing the parades at night.

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